Wise® Hot Cheese Popcorn 1.875 oz. Bag

Classic. American. Snacks. Since 1921. Artificially flavored. Premium. Air-popped. Whole grain. At Wise, we have a long history of creating classic snacks everyone enjoys, and our Popcorn is no exception. We start with select whole grain kernels of corn and air-pop them to perfection. Then we season each bite just right providing a light, fluffy, premium snack that naturally bursts with flavor. Our Hot Cheese Popcorn combines delicious cheese taste and a bit of spice that heats things up - a savory flavor you won't be able to resist. Wise popcorn. Flavor that pops! Wise Snack Facts: No preservatives; Gluten free; Whole grain; 0 g trans fat. Wise guarantee. We pride ourselves on great tasting, quality snacks. Find us online: wisesnacks.com. facebook.com/wisefans.