All Natural Snacks. 100% natural ingredients. 0g Trans Fat. A seasoned potato snack delicately prepared in Canola Oil. Savory American-style seasoned potato fries. Enjoy a better-for-you snack without sacrificing taste! Snyder's of Hanover has delighted America with its family of premium-quality snack foods since 1909. In keeping with this tradition, our new line of EatSmart All Natural Snacks puts the flavor back into natural foods with ingredients that are naturally good for you. EatSmart offers a variety of wholesome and savory snacks for people who want to eat smarter and not compromise taste. Enjoy the simple goodness of garden fresh vegetables or the exotic medley of flavors in our seasoned snacks. So, go ahead and experience the taste of or natural snacks and feel good about your decision to EatSmart! EatSmart Cafe Fries are a delicious potato snack in the tradition of classic American This crispy, all-natural snack is made with 100% pure canola oil, which is naturally low is saturated fat. So that, like all EatSmart snacks, Cafe Fries not only taste better, they're better for you. So go ahead, EatSmart - and enjoy!