Multi grain chips with sunflower seeds prepared with sunflower oil. 40% Less fat, 8 g whole grains per serving than regular potato chips. Snyder's of Hanover makes it easier and tastier to Go with the Grain. All new Snyder's Multigrain is the first ever full line of snack foods to combine the nutritional benefits of whole grains with extraordinary tasted and variety. Today's dietary guidelines call for 3 servings or 48 grams of whole grains a day. Each of the varieties in our Multigrain line provides a great source of whole grains with 8 to 20 grams per serving, zero grams of trans fat and 40 to 80% less fat than regular potato chips. You'll love our MultiGrain french onion sunflower chips. Made with the finest whole grains and sunflower seeds delicately prepared in sunflower oil then flavored with french onion seasoning, they offer a cool, zesty taste and light, crispy texture.