Popchips Ranch Tortilla Chips

15% more to love compared to our 3.5 oz bag. All the flavor. Half the fat. Of regular fried chips. Hola tortilla. Adios guilt. The coolest cream of the crunch. We don't mess with tradition. We start with stone-ground masa, the same whole grain corn used to make traditional tortillas. We add a little heat and pressure to pop our chips, and then top them off with the finest seasonings for tortilla chips so tasty and crispy you won't even notice they've got half the fat (50+% less fat per 28 g serving Ranch Tortilla Popchips: 4.5 g regular fried chips: 10 g) Less guilty, more pleasure. The bold flavor. The crispy crunch. What's not to love about tortilla chips? Well, frankly, the fat and calories, that's why, thanks to the magic of popping, our popped tortilla chips are more of a good thing (delicious flavor), and less of the bad. The pleasure is all ours - to share. Nothing fake or phony. No fake colors, no fake flavors, no fake accents, no dirty secrets, no hidden anything. No, really. Certified gluten-free. Hungry for more? Pop over to: popchips.com. Real Ingredients: no added preservatives; no artificial flavors; no synthetic colors; no cholesterol; 0 grams trans fat; gluten free. Guaranteed fresh and flavorful through the best before date. Any questions call: 866-217-9327. Product of USA.