All natural. Kettle popped. Packed fresh daily. Zero trans fat. Gluten free. 100% natural. We get it. Sometimes you crave a snack that's completely decadent, completely over-the-top, completely life-altering. We know how you feel, so we pulled out all the stops, and created the insanely delicious, all-natural, hand-crafted magic you're holding right now. But enough reading - get munching, and no joke, be prepared to have your mind completely blown. Munch Better: All natural; Zero trans fat; Gluten free; No cholesterol; No preservatives; Non-GMO corn. Dark Fudge Peppermint: Don't read this. When you have something this delicious in your hands, why waste time reading the back of the bag? Since you obviously can't help yourself, here's the dish: our Dark Fudge Peppermint starts with our super-fresh, hand-selected popcorn, kettle-popped to perfection in small batches. There's nothing fresher or crunchier. We then drape the popcorn in rich, dark, chocolaty fudge that's been infused with the perfect amount of natural peppermint. Seriously, stop reading this stuff, and start enjoying. You're still reading. Stop. Now start eating. Munch better, isn't it? Kosher. GF: Certified gluten-free. Let's connect: Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; www.PopcornIndiana.com. Satisfaction guaranteed.