SNAUSAGES Snaw Somes! Dog Treat, Beef

Beef and Cheese. We twisted these flavors like it's our job. Because, in fact, it is. Upgrade your favorite four-legged pal's snack time with Snausages Snaw Somes! chewy rope dog treats. Your dog's treat time will become even more enjoyable with the flavor-packed Beef & Cheese Flavor Dog Treats, full of the savory flavors of smoky beef and cheese and twisted together into a chewy rope treat shape. These flavorful rope dog treats are too much fun for just one flavor! Snausages Snaw Somes! dog treats are an excellent choice for treat time fun and are soft enough for any dog to eat, from puppies to seniors that might have tender gums. The twists and turns give each chewy dog treat an exciting texture, plus the savory combination of snack-worthy flavors make them way better than just chewing on a rope treat. Snausages Snaw Somes! can be broken into pieces for smaller pups, and you can always save the rest for later in the resealable container.