Schick Intuition Cartridges, Sensitive Care, 4 Blades

Skin moisturizing solid. Lathers & moisturizes during shaving. 100% natural aloe with vitamin E. Visible ribbons of moisture. Free your skin. Visible ribbons of moisture. For a close shave. No need for shave gel. The only razor that lathers & moisturizes during shaving. Leaving your skin noticeably soft. Pivoting head follows your contours. Cartridges requires the Schick Intuition razor handle (sold separately). All Intuition cartridges are interchangeable. Cartridge requires the Schick Intuition razor (sold separately). Performance Guarantee: Schick Intuition is unconditionally guaranteed. If you are dissatisfied, call 1-800-Shavers and Schick will replace it free of charge or refund your full purchase price. Made by Schick. Skin moisturizing solid made in China and assembled with a blade cartridge made in Germany.