Ionic Sportwater Vapor-Distilled Water + 330 mg Electrolytes

Ionic Vapor-Distilled Water + 330mg Electrolytes Sport-Water. pH8 alkaline. Electro-hydration. 330™ mg Electrolytes. 330™ mg electrolytes per bottle. Zero. Calories sodium sugar. This product is owned and used by professional athletes and is formulated for the athlete in you. Hydrate your body faster and more complete with a combination of 330mg of electrolytes plus the added benefits of alkaline water - with no negatives and no compromise to your waistline. Ionic Sportwater has a crisp, clean, taste. Whether you are an elite or recreational athlete, healthy, functional hydration can improve your performance, endurance, balance and wellness. Stay hydrated. Stay healthy. All rights reserved. For water quality information please call 855-460-SBEV