KA-ME Coconut Milk

KA-ME® Coconut Milk. Find recipes and learn more about authentic KA.ME Asian Foods at kame.com. KA-ME coconut milk is a premium quality product, produced with no artificial preservatives. It is a traditional ingredient, commonly used in Thai and other Southeast Asian recipes. The Key to Asian Made Easy™. Ancient culinary traditions thrive today in Asia, where the art of food is a daily celebration. For over 40 years, we've explored the world of Asian cuisine to provide you unique flavors, high quality ingredients with no artificial colors or preservatives, and innovative recipes. With KA-ME, you can prepare simple, convenient and delicious home cooked meals without sacrificing quality, taste, or your limited time. KA-ME: simple. Delicious. Right for today. panosbrands.com. ©2015 Panos Brands.