Krunchers Kettle Cooked Waves Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Potato Chips

0 g trans fat. 30% less fat than regular potato chips. Krunchers! Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper Waves (7 g of fat/28 g serving) have 30% less fat than regular potato chips (10 g of fat/28 g per serving). Just when you thought Krunchers! couldn't get any better, we bring you a wavy version of our thick-cut, kettle cooked potato chips! Made from handpicked, premium potatoes, Krunchers! Waves are uniquely crafted with deep grooves to hold extra-generous helpings of your favorite dip. Krunchers! Waves offer the same hearty flavor and explosive krrrrrrunch you've come to expect from your favorite brand of kettle cooked potato chips. Say good-bye to wimpy chips and ride the Kruchers! Waves!