Klondike S'Mores Ice Cream Bars 6 ct

Creamy marshmallow ice cream laden with sweet graham cracker swirls inside a delightfully breakable milk chocolate flavored shell. The unofficial Klondike Bar of camping, scary stories, and being eaten alive by mosquitoes. This bar will literally make you want to pitch a tent in the grocery store. Klondike S’Mores ice cream bars are the perfect combination of marshmallow ice cream and graham cracker, deliciously surrounded by a milk chocolatey coating. You know it’s a Klondike ice cream bar when you open that silver foil, and hear the “crack” as you bite into its chocolatey shell, which holds in all of that delicious, ice-creamy goodness. This piece of stickless, bowl-and-spoonless perfection lets you enjoy the wonderful wonders of ice cream anytime, anywhere. Take the time to treat yourself. We know that life isn’t always as easy as it should be, so reward yourself for doing that thing you just did. Klondike supports you! Have Klondike as a snack. Have it as a treat. Have it to relax. Just have it...and give your mouth some sweet satisfaction. Try Klondike ice cream bars in 14 flavors, for unlimited deliciousness. They are all chocolatey coated, and ice cream loaded, with milk and cream from American cows that are not treated with artificial growth hormones*. 4.0 oz Klondike S'Mores Ice Cream Bar Klondike Marshmallow Flavored Light Ice Cream with a Graham Cracker Swirl Coated in a Thick, Milk Chocolatey Shell An American Classic Ice Cream Snack That You Would Do Anything For Available in 14 Unique Flavors for Unlimited Deliciousness 6-Pack For Those Moments When You Want to Share Perfect as a Hearty Snack, a Mid-Day Break from Your Co-Workers or Treat With Friends and Family