Duke's Bourbon Glaze Beef Steak Strips

Small batch made. Thick & tender beef strips. Slow smoked. Natural smoke flavor added. Beam formula a standard since 1795. (Jim Beam is a registered trademark of Jim Beam Brands Co. and is used under authorized license to Thanasi Foods LLC). 0 g trans fat; 5 g total carbs (per serving). Tender and easy to eat! I have never been one to settle for second best. So when I set out to create the perfect steakhouse-style jerky, I knew it had to be off-the-bone tender, completely satisfying, and more flavorful than anything else I could find. I wanted a jerky that tasted like a perfectly marinated steak, grilled slow 'n low to capture its great flavor. What started with the first batch of my steakhouse-style jerky in the backyard smoker was the beginning of our family's signature brand: Duke's House of Meats was born. So what's the Duke's secret? It's in our kitchen, and in yours. We use only the best steakhouse-style sauces, marinades, and ingredients to prepare our premium meats - never watered down imitations. We then slow smoke our fully flavored slices with real hardwood chips to deliver a small batch taste and mouth-watering tenderness that is second to none. At Duke's, we tell it like it is: there's a ton of jerky out there and not all are created equal. Bringing you the perfect jerky is more than just talk, it is a promise backed by our Smokin' Good Guarantee. So kick up your feet, tear open a bag, and enjoy the steakhouse in every bite. Your hunger has a home. J.T. Duke. From big labels to small-batch bourbons, we've used them all at Duke's. Still, only one delivers that deliciously-sweet & smoky flavor you'd expect out of the House of Meats - Jim Beam. It's the perfect ingredient for our tender Jerky and Steak Strips! Jim Beam adds 7 generations of Kentucky boldness and a flavor that reminds us all of celebrating good times with great friends. Open this bag, savor a piece of true All-American heritage, and experience the tender, slow-smoked taste inside! This is a non-alcoholic product (contains less than 0.5% alcohol by weight). US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Made in the USA.