All natural. No preservatives. Thank you for buying our very special Sweet Cream Butter Popcorn! To make our special popcorn, high quality corn kernels are hot-air popped in small batches, creating a very tender, light popcorn with a pronounced corn flavor. Our special sweet cream butter seasoning is created from fresh, pasteurized cream, churned to perfection and salted lightly for taste. Our traditional recipe uses only the finest, all natural ingredients to flavor our full-bodied popcorn kernels. With sweet cream butter carefully applied to each popcorn kernel, you'll enjoy a fresh, indulgent taste in every bite. At Cape Cod Potato Chips, we take pride in treating everything we make with individual care and attention. We diligently research and test our popping corn from a variety of farms, just like we do for our potatoes, to ensure we receive the best kernels year round. As with our potato chips, Cape Cod Popcorn varieties are crafted from only the highest quality, all natural ingredients. So whether you choose our Sweet Cream Butter Popcorn or one of our potato chip varieties, we promise that you've rewarded yourself with a snack that you can truly savor! Enjoy! - Everyone at Cape Cod Potato Chips. Made in the USA.