Kettle cooked for superior taste. The best you've ever tasted. 70% Fewer calories per cup than pretzels. 50% Less fat than regular popcorn. A very special popcorn. It takes a special set of conditions to make a superb popcorn. In the end, it's the cooking method that makes the difference. Our individual batch oil popping process creates a popcorn that is fresh, tender, moist, and full of flavor, just like homemade! Competing brands of popcorn are air - popped with oil (artificial butter flavor) sprayed on the surface of the kernels, making them tougher and less crisps. Boston's Lite is made the old - fashioned way, cooking select hybrid seeds and canola oil (the vegetable oil lowest in saturated fat) in individual kettles. Make Boston's Original Lite Popcorn your snack of choice for the entire family. No mess or preparation required, just open the bag and enjoy the best popcorn you've ever tasted! Boston's Lite contains fewer calories per one cup serving than most other salted snacks. For example, compare the amount of Lite's kernels and calories to pretzels: Pretzels 115 calories in 1 cup; Boston's Lite 105 calories in 3 cups. It's popcorn. The all - American snack! A smart choice for the entire family. Did you know - popcorn is both a fuel and a fun food: Popcorn contains 22% indigestible carbohydrate (the cellulose of the hull). Cellulose makes up much bulk and fiber so necessary as roughage. Popcorn's mechanical value can be compared roughly to that of bran flakes cereal with raisins or whole - wheat toast. A great between - meals snack - popcorn satisfies the appetite without spoiling it. Americans consume 17.3 billion quarts of popped popcorn annually, or 68 quarts per person. Boston's Lite Popcorn has 4.5 g of fat per 30 g and 140 calories per serving. Regular popcorn has about 10 g of fat per 30 g and 160 calories per serving. No preservatives. Product of Canada.