JJ Nissen Bread, Premium Enriched, Canadian White

Many years ago, one of our master bakers visited Canada and returned talking about a wonderful bread he had eaten there. After several years of experiments, he achieved in our bakery the flavor and texture of the loaf he had so enjoyed, J.J. Nissen Canadian White Bread. It has great flavor and aroma and the whole family likes it. Now nutritionists have given us another reason to eat Nissen Canadian White Bread - it's good for you! They recommend that bread, as part of the grain based foods group, supply the foundation of a well balanced, healthy diet. Since 1899 when John J. Nissen established his first bakery in Portland, ME we have been committed to his high quality standards for all our fresh baked goods. Our Nissen Canadian White Bread meets J.J.'s requirements. It is made with only the finest grains and ingredients from nature and provides a good supply of complex carbohydrates as well as many other important nutrients. And, it is naturally low in fat and cholesterol. So make Nissen Canadian White Bread a part of your daily diet - a delicious and convenient way to get the benefits of grain based foods recommended by the food guide pyramid.